Submission of Manuscripts

An electronic copy of the manuscript complete in all respect should be submitted by e-mail or diskette.
It is assumed that the manuscripts submitted to Scrutiny are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
Contributions and editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor, Scrutiny, National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Fax: 051-2896004;

Preparation of Manuscript

Manuscripts should be typed on A4 size paper in double space. Notes referred to in the text should be numbered consecutively. The text should preferably be saved in MS Word format.
A title page should be prepared carrying the title of the article, author's full name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address and any other information that the author may wish to provide with the article.


References should follow the author-date method as indicated in the Chicago Manual Style. Quoted material should have full location reference.

Drawing, Illustrations and Tables

Original drawings should preferably be submitted in a form ready for printing. Each illustration should bear a number, the author's name, and the title of the paper. Tables should be clear and comprehensible.


The authors whose articles are accepted for publication will be requested to submit an abstract, not exceeding 150 words.


Publications of material in the journal means that the author assigns copyright to Scrutiny including the rights to electronic publishing. This is, inter alia, to ensure the efficient handling of requests from third parties to reproduce articles as well as to enable wide dissemination of the published material. Authors may, however, use their material in other publications acknowledging Scrutiny as the original place of publication. Requests by third parties for permission to reprint should be addressed to the Editor, Scrutiny.


The Editor reserves the right to copy-edit and make necessary alterations in the material contribution fro publication.
Responsibility for the opinions expressed in the articles and for the accuracy of the stated facts rests solely with the authors and not with NIPS.

Books for Review

Publishers are invited to submit books for consideration of review. Authors too may send review copies to the Editor, Scrutiny.


All queries regarding advertising in Scrutiny may be addressed to Advertising Department, Scrutiny.